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Lighting tracks and accessories

+ Track
+ 3 Phase Tracks
+ 2&3 Pins Tracks
+ LED Tracks
+ Track accessories
+ 2 Pins Track Accessories
+ 3 pins track accessories
+ 3 phase recessed track accessories
+ 3 phase surface mounted track accessories
+ suspension accessories

Flexible hose

+ Slit Cable Sheath
+ Suction hose
+ Washing machine hose
+ PU hose
+ Cleaner hose
+ PVC Steel Reinforcement Hose
+ Duct hose
+ PVC Reinforcement Hose
+ Garden hose
+ Corrugated hose
+ Other hose

Extruded Product

+ Extruded Products
+ Injection products

plastic and copper co-extrusion




Structure:abrasion resistant and flame retardant polyurethane wall ,rigid PVC embedded into wall

Flame retardant,flexible hose with good tensile and abrasion strengths and ultimate elongation,free of softeners,halogen free,physiological safe,cadmium free

Temperature range:-40℃ to 90℃

Length: 10m or as required

Inside diameter:25 to 250mm

Color:bright orange or as required

Specialties:also in heavier versions available

Applications: woodworking,transportation of light solids,air and gas in plastic and chemical industry,vaccume machine,for protection cable

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